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Learn More About Whistling!

The information below is the largest compiled list of whistling websites from around the globe.

Whistling is a versatile communicative act: musical instrument; performing art; & non-verbal signal. 

Connect with professional whistlers from all over the world via the list of websites below.

General Whistling Websites


  • Orawhistle Global Whistlers' Forum -- The world's online whistling community is based in Orawhistle. This Internet forum has more than 1,100 members from more than 38 nations, 35 American states, and 8 Canadian provinces. Orawhistle has extensive databases on whistling technique and other whistling-related information such as quotations that refer to whistling, popular songs with whistling in them, and words for whistling in other languages.

  • International Whistlers Convention This was the longest running whistling event ever produced, lasting more than 40 years. Whistlers came from around the world to compete and meet  in Louisburg, North Carolina. 

  • International Society of Musicians for ArtWhistling -- Organization founded to explore human whistling in art music and establish artistic standards of whistling performance, education, and literature. 

  • Indian Whistlers Association -- Founded in 2004 by Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey. They are world's first and largest truly Indian whistling fraternity and host many whistling events through the year.

  • Japan Whistlers' Federation 

  • The Online Guide to Whistling Records -- The largest collection of whistling albums and 78RPM recordings online. Streaming audio and MP3 downloads of whistling greats Fred Lowery, Brother Bones and many more.

  • The Masters of Musical Whistling -- International Festival, Competition and World Championship Concert takes place in Pasadena, California.

  • World Whistling Convention (WWC) -- The World Whistling Convention” (WWC) in Japan in 2016

Individual Whistlers' Websites (Alphabetized by last name)


  • Aircappella -- Vassar’s co-ed whistling troupe famed for its whistled harmonies of popular melodies

  • Jeffrey Amos -- Jeffrey Amos of Toronto is a professional palate whistler who combines classical music with musical favourites and contemporary songs. Jeffrey won Second Place Grand Championship at the 40th International Whistlers Convention competition in Louisburg.

  • Vic Anderson -- Victor T. (Vic) Anderson, a Montana born cowboy, now living in Estes Park, Colorado, is the Western Music Association's 2003/2004 Male Yodeling Champion. He is also noted for his wonderful whistling, which he calls his "poor man's fiddle."

  • Jose Julio Apesteguia -- Based in Spain, Jose Julio is an accomplished whistler who performs regularly and with gusto!

  • Andrew Bird -- Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and whistler.

  • Derek Bodkin -- Multi-Instrumentalist from Monterey, CA and MMW 2017 Whistling World Champion.

  • Francesco Bonifazi -- Francesco Bonifazi is a an international whistling champion who performs many genres of music. While best known for his work with Jazz combos as well as his solo act, he composes and performs music in other styles including Blues, Folk, Classical and Experimental.

  • Joel Brandon -- Joel Brandon was a true innovator of our times. He was both an immensely skilled jazz whistler with complex improvisational skills as well as one of the most outstanding jazz flutists on the scene today.

  • Ben Brenner - very skilled hand whistler with 50 years of experience!

  • Milt Briggs -- Blue Mockingbird -- Milt supports his whistling with his own musical arrangements using guitar, piano, and keyboard. He has composed 40 pieces for whistling that have a wide variety of styles -- classical to jazz and blues.

  • Hylton The Whistler Brown -- This singer, DJ, and bongo player has become recognized worldwide through his incomparable energetic whistling.

  • Whistlin' Tom Bryant -- Whistlin' Tom is a "pucker whistler' with a remarkable three-octave range. Tom lives in Florida, where he performs as a whistling entertainer. He is the 2007 International Whistling Entertainer of the Year.

  • Geert Chatrou -- Grand Champion Whistler, Louisburg, 2004 and 2005! Geert is also Whistling Entertainer of the Year for 2006.

  • Sally Cohn -- Oregon-based hand whistler who was recently on America's Got Talent. Her site includes biography, photos, information on hand whistling, and links.

  • Cartter Frierson -- Cartter's first CD, Whistling In the Garden was published in November 2005. Subtitled Hymns for Meditation, this CD has eleven tracks of classic old hymns arranged as peaceful background music for a period of peaceful reflection.

  • Tamas Hacki -- Palate whistling virtuoso and the Ex Antiquis ensemble have performed more than 3000 full night programs, concerts, festivals and TV-shows in three decades.

  • Martyn Halsey -- Martyn is a whistler, singer, and songwriter from the UK.

  • Gabriel Lambert-- Gabriel is passionate about whistling, and teaching whistling. His YouTube page features many comprehensive tutorials.

  • Phyllis Heil -- "The Whistling Woman" -- Phyllis is the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013 International Whistling Entertainer of the Year and has won the Grand Championship 3rd place in both 2004 and 2005.

  • Steve "The Whistler" Herbst -- 2005 Whistling Entertainer of the Year and 2002 Grand Champion with an impressive CD. Steve is also in the Whistlers Hall of Fame.

  • George "Whistler" Jageman -- "Best in Texas"

  • Carole Anne Kaufman -- a.k.a. The Whistling Diva, Official website of Renaissance woman, Carole Anne Kaufman, "The Whistling Diva": Two-Tim Whistling World Champion; 2012 Whistling Entertainer of the Year, and producer/organizer of the Masters of Musical Whistling.

  • Lizhong Li --Whistler Li of China has the performing license of gastriloquy�@(whistling music) issued by Culture Department of The Peoples Republic Of China

  • Laura Loftsgaarden -- Skilled whistler

  • Luke Janssen - a man of the world and a whistler

  • Sean Allen Lomax -- Classical Contemporary Whistling Artist. He is currently starring in the Cirque du Soleil production, Corteo.

  • Makiko Mizuno -- Wonderful whistler from Japan

  • David Morris -- World Whistling Champion 2003

  • Dan Neufeld -- Los Angeles-based instrumentalist, composer, arranger --- and whistler --- who has enjoyed an extremely successful career as a violist in the Hollywood studios.

  • K. Siva Prasad -- Whistle Wizard -- Carnatic and Hindustani whistling music

  • Terry Rappold -- Terrific New Orleans whistler -- 2007 1st Place International Grand Champion, 2005 2nd Place International Grand Champion, and 2003 3rd Place International Grand Champion

  • Tormod Borgen Rogne -- One of a very few professional whistlers in Norway and Scandinavia. A world champion. 

  • Ronnie Ronalde -- One of the world's most famous whistlers.

  • David Santucci -- Known as Whistler’s Brother on YouTube.

  • Kazu Sasahara -- A finger flutist with an incredibly beautiful sound

  • Curro (Kurt) Savoy -- French whistler -- "Le roi des siffleurs"

  • Jason Victor Serinus -- The Whistling "Voice of Woodstock" and co-author of "How to Whistle like a Pro"

  • Susan Silton and the Crowing Hens -- Los Angeles based artist has created an all-female whistling ensemble to perform theme songs from male-dominated films.

  • Robert Stemmons -- "The Whistler" -- Robert Stemmons is an extremely skilled professional whistler who has released many CDs.

  • Ryosuke Takeuchi -- An excellent jazz whistler. He performs all over the world. He is the organizer and head judge of the World Whistling Convention in Japan

  • Clodine Tardy -- This French whistler goes around the world whistling songs from Bizet, Schubert, Rossini or Mozart, accompanied by a philharmonic pocket orchestra and his stage-furniture

  • Chris Ullman -- Chris Ullman is the four-time national and international whistling champion. For more than 30 years he's loved to whistle, sharing his improvisational riffs and classical interpretations with millions of people around the world. His book, "Find Your Whistle" is available on his website.

  • Kimiko Wakiyama -- A world champion that teaches, performs, plays the ukulele and is a concert pianist. She is seen all over Japan on TV.

  • Sue Zwit-Frantzen (Byrdie Sue) -- Sue is a whistler who uses her teeth to whistle while most others use their lips. She also bird whistles and tap dances. She was featured on America's Got Talent and other variety shows around the world. Sue is available for performances in Englewood FL and surrounding areas.

Whistling Around the World






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