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The Masters of Musical Whistling
 Recognizing and Promoting Musical Whistling as Fine Art

Download a free copy of Carole Anne Kaufman's Master's Thesis about whistling - 

Heresy to Artistry: The Upward Mobility of Musical Whistling Through Rhetorical Reframing.




The Masters of Musical Whistling is an international festival, competition, and concert created to celebrate, promote, and revive the ancient art of whistling which has existed since the dawn of humanity. Musical whistling has distinct characteristics of being both a universal and unique art form. Everyone loves music and most have tried to whistle, yet few realize the artist potential that can be produced by a world-class whistling artist.


The Masters of Musical Whistling showcases the best whistlers in the world as instrumentalists of professional caliber. International performers, competitors, and enthusiasts come from around the world to celebrate and enjoy musical whistling at the MMW. Our International Concert of the Masters, Competition Concert and Master Class Whistling School are open to the public.


The Masters of Musical Whistling is produced and organized by The Whistling Diva, Carole Anne Kaufman, a Two-Time World Whistling Champion, Whistling Entertainer of the Year Award Winner, event producer, and passionate performing artist determined to bring whistling to the mainstream and recognized as a fine art form.


What is musical whistling? It is a form of art, communication, and entertainment. Some historians hail whistling as the first musical instrument available to people. Not only used as a musical device, whistling has long served rural communities throughout the globe as a long distance communicative device. There are several types of whistling, many of which are featured at the Masters of Musical Whistling: puckering, palatal whistling, throat whistling, hand whistling, and finger whistling.


The golden age of musical whistling occurred from 1920’s - 1950’s.  There were many famous whistling artists who toured and performed with big bands. After the invention of the portable radio and other music devices, the popularity of whistling declined.


To revive the ancient art of whistling, several enthusiasts started the International Whistlers Convention (IWC) in the small town of Louisburg, North Carolina in 1973. The convention lasted for over 40 years and attracted whistling superstars from all over the world including Chris Ullman, Steve Herbst, Jason Serinus, Kimiko Wakiyama (Japan), Geert Chatrou (Netherlands), and many others.


In 2014, the IWC dissolved when its main sponsor pulled financial support. This unfortunate event motivated Carole Anne Kaufman, to organize her 1st international competition in July 2015.


The Masters of Musical Whistling is distinct from the IWC. First, it introduced a new competition division - Whistling with the Live Band Accompaniment. In the spirit of the IWC and beliefs of the board of The Masters of Musical Whistling, the Live Band Accompaniment Division features two first place winners, male and female, to make sure there is an outstanding female whistler who can serve as an ambassador for the art of musical whistling and inspire new female performers to join the ranks of professional whistlers.


Second, the board of The Masters of Musical Whistling established new award named after the founder of the IWC - The Allen deHart Award, which is given to the person who is "...expanding the awareness, enjoyment, and respect of musical whistling as fine art." Allen deHart received his namesake award for his global contribution to musical whistling, before his passing in 2016. 


Whether you are a lover of musical whistling or you simply appreciate great music, there is something for everyone at The Masters of Musical Whistling.


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