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Musical Whistlers Pucker Up For Art
By Jessica Gelt

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When Geert Chatrou whistles, it’s easy to picture the birds trilling and flitting around Snow White in the classic 1937 film. The two-time world champion from the Netherlands stands onstage in the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, demonstrating his considerable talents as part of a prep class during the biannual Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival and Competition, which was held Sept. 8 and 9.

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The World Cup of Whistling Comes to Pasadena

By Avishay Artsy


"While a lot of folks whistle while they work, or whistle in Mayberry, or just whistle happily, there’s more serious whistling going on.


People will be puckering their lips and belting out tunes this Saturday at the Masters of Musical Whistling International Competition and Concert." Read more

Magic of Musical Whistling returns to LA


The Second Bi-Annual Masters of Musical Whistling, an international festival and competition, will take place at Barnsdall Art Park – Gallery Theater in Hollywood on Sept. 8-9.

Masters of Musical Whistling festivities will start at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 8, with a master class featuring world champion whistlers Geert Chatrou and Carole Anne Kaufman, who will help fan of musical whistling from beginner to advanced improve their skills.

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Live in Pasadena: Masters of Musical Whistling Exhales and Lips Work in Concert to Create Melodies.

By Alysia Gray Painter


"It's a most unusual day when audience members walk into an auditorium carrying the very same instruments that will soon be seen on stage. 


After all, you don't see concert goers hauling harps nor drum kits to their various seats, but audience members do show with the instrument of the day when the day deals with a certain tone made by the mouth. We speak of whistling, and the mouth-and-throat-based mechanics needed to play this particular instrument are part and parcel of being a human being." Read more









World champion whistlers to perform Saturday in Pasadena.

By Jason Henry


"Carole Anne Kaufman picked up whistling from her father, but a convention in North Carolina turned it into her life.


On Saturday, Kaufman, known as the Whistling Diva, will bring whistlers from around the world to Pasadena for a one-day concert and contest to determine a world champion.


A two-time champion herself, Kaufman has put out CDs, performed on stage and even got her own showcase on Huell Howser’s California’s Gold.


Now, she wants others to find a love, and respect, for her passion." Read more

Pasadena Weekly


Blown Away: World champion Carole Anne Kaufman brings the Masters of Musical Whistling festival to Pasadena Saturday.

By Carl Kozlowski


"The Beach Boys may be the traditional sound of summer in Southern California, but on Saturday a completely different kind of music will fill the air in Pasadena when the Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival (MMW) show brings together some of the most melodic whistlers on the planet. Created by longtime Monrovia resident Carole AnnE Kaufman, two-time world champion and the International Whistling Entertainer of the Year in 2012, the festival is a unique event that showcases world-class musical whistling and creates a space for self-expression and artistry." Read more


Riverside resident George Oldfield, seen here in 2009, is set to compete in the Masters of Musical Whistling international competition Saturday, July 11in Pasadena.

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37 Awesome Things To Do in L.A. This Weekend [7-10-15 to 7-12-15]


"28. International Musical Whistling Festival

Wait, so competitive whistling is a thing? Yup, and this Saturday in Pasadena champions from around the world will perform and compete in The Masters of Musical Whistling. Tickets are $8 online, and $10 at the door." From here

The Press Enterprise


RIVERSIDE: Resident to compete in international whistling competition.

George N. Oldfield of Riverside will be competing for the title of world’s best whistler Saturday in Pasadena.



"Riverside’s George N. Oldfield will be among the competitors at Saturday’s Masters of Musical Whistling international competition, concert and festival in Pasadena. Contestants from as far away as Japan are expected to be at the festival to demonstrate their special talent to the general public and compete for the title of world’s best whistler.


“One important aspect of this competition is that it is set up as a concert with world-class musicians performing the fine art of musical whistling,” said event organizer Carole Anne Kaufman, a two-time world champion and 2012’s International Whistling Entertainer of the Year. “Whistling is used in many families and construction sites all over the world to grab someone’s attention but musical whistling focuses on renditions of songs. As you move up the ladder of musical professionalism you can perform whole songs.” Read more

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