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Press Release, July 2015


For Immediate Release                                                                                  


Get Blown Away With Beauty of Musical Whistling!

July 2, 2015


  • The Masters of Musical Whistling (MMW) is an international competition, festival, and concert.

  • It's happening in California for the very first time.

  • It will take place in Pasadena on July 11th, 2015 at The AHIAH Center (277 North El Molino Ave, 91101).

  • The first competition concert will place from 1:00-4:00 pm, second one -  from 6:00-9:00 pm.

  • First concert will feature whistling with pre-recorded music.

  • Second concert is the world premiere event of musical whistling accompanied by the four-piece live band.

  • Professional whistlers from all over the world will participate at the MMW.

  • Musical whistling is a dying art that used to be popular from 1920-1950s but then it slowly disappeared.

  • Whistling is considered to be the first musical instruments available to humans. 

  • Musical whistlers used to gather at the International Whistlers Convention (IWC) in Louisburg, N.C.

  • The organizers of the IWC closed it down in 2014 when their main sponsor pulled financial support.

  • Resident of Monrovia, CA and two-time world whistling champion, Carole Anne Kaufman organized the MMW competition

  • She wanted to unite the whistlers from all over the world and raise awareness for the fine art of whistling.

  • People can purchase advanced tickets on Eventbrite or at the door on July 11th.

  • For more information, please visit or Masters of Musical Whistling Facebook page. 


Masters of Musical Whistling will showcase the first musical instrument known to humans.


PASADENA, CA (July 2, 2015) - The Masters of Musical Whistling (MMW), the inaugural international competition, concert and festival, will take place on July 11th, 2015 at The Ahiah Center located at 277 North El Molino Avenue in Pasadena, CA. The first competition concert takes place from 1:00-4:00 pm featuring whistling to recorded back tracks. The second concert from 6:00-9:00 pm is a world premier event – an all live music whistling concert accompanied by a four-piece band.


Renowned whistlers from all over the globe, as far as Japan, are coming to the festival to demonstrate their special talent to general public and compete with each other for the title of the world’s best whistler of the year.


Carole Anne Kaufman, two-time world champion and the International Whistling Entertainer of the Year of 2012, started the Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival to raise awareness and promote the fine art of whistling. The Masters of Musical Whistling is a one-of-a-kind event that showcases world-class musical whistling and creates a space for self-expression and artistry.


Whistling is a versatile medium. It is entertainment and an ancient art. Some historians consider it the first musical instrument played by people. There are several types of whistling, many of which will be performed at the festival: puckering, palatal whistling, throat whistling, hand whistling, and finger whistling.


The golden age of musical whistling occurred from 1920’s - 1950’s.  There were many famous whistling artists who toured and performed with big bands. After the invention of portable radio and other music devices, the popularity of whistling declined.


To revive the ancient art of whistling, several enthusiasts started the International Whistlers Convention (IWC) in small town of Louisburg, North Carolina in 1973. The convention lasted for over 40 years and attracted whistling superstars from all over the world including Chris Ullman, Steve Herbst, Jason Serinus, Kimiko Wakiyama, and Geert Chatrou.  


Last year, the IWC closed down when its main sponsor pulled financial support. This unfortunate event motivated Carole Anne Kaufman, also known as the Whistling Diva, to organize her own competition.


People can purchase advanced tickets to Masters of Musical Whistling on Eventbrite at or at the door on July 11th.


For more information, please visit or the Facebook page at





Carole Anne Kaufman

Producer, Communications Director, Masters of Musical Whistling


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