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Stan was born and raised in Atascadero, CA. Since graduating with his Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies from California State University Northridge, he has been afforded the opportunity to play some of LA's most prestigious venues - including: The Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Nokia Theater & The Roxy. You may have seen him making TV appearances on American Idol & Mad Men. His additional musical vocabulary includes singing, playing the bass & drums/percussion.


For jazz guitarist Rick Zunigar, music has consistently been an integral part of his life. Born in Queens, N.Y. of proud parents native to Puerto Rico, Rick was immersed in an environment of cultural and musical diversity. Rick’s gift for music originated from his mother who sang and performed at Radio City Music Hall. Rick grew up listening to salsa and jazz, and within him grew a desire to learn the art of music.


It wasn’t long before Rick discovered his true love: the guitar. The inspiration to play the guitar came from Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass. By the age of seventeen Rick had already hit the professional scene, building an enormous track record that now includes performances, recordings, and tours with many music greats like Freddie Hubbard, Cal Tjader, Jimmy Smith, Willie Bobo, Stevie Wonder and many more. Rick’s extensive work has exposed him to multiple styles of music and enabled him to develop a limitless repertoire of musical styles.


Rick’s mainstay continues to be jazz; however, he enjoys incorporating all kinds of music into his playing, like bebop, Latin. R&B, and Fusion. This is exemplified in Rick’s first solo recording New Frontier (Headfirst). Now released is Rick’s latest recording Rick Zunigar Organ Trio (Jazzuni) which again boast a group of jazz greats including Joe Bagg-Organ, and Mark Ferber-Drums,


Rick maintains his strong conviction to the mastery of the art of improvisation and composition. Rick’s goal is to reach as many people with his music; he feels he has a contribution to make in continuing the support and nurturance of the art of jazz. Check out his YouTube channel at


Clarence Robinson is a resident of San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles. He is originally from the East Coast. Clarence Robinson it is an accomplished musician who plays all around the Los Angeles area.

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