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Master of Ceremonies

& Master Class Instructor:

Mitch Hider



Mitch Hider of Eugene, Oregon, has been a professional whistler and vaudeville style performer for 37 years.  He is the 1982 Whistling Grand Champion, a member of the National Whistlers Hall of Fame, and a noted historian of musical whistling. 


Mitch has been a master of ceremonies, performer, and workshop director at many whistling competitions in America, Japan and Canada.  He also sings, yodels, scats, plays a variety of instruments including ukulele, harmonica, and drums.  He also  does a magic act as THE MAGNIFICENT MITCHELLI!  Mitch performs for audiences from pre-school to the elderly. And he is the only whistler to do a duet with Bertha, the Harmonica-Playing Elephant! 


"Whistling is a holiday for lips" says, Mitch.  "We can celebrate every day, every where."




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