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 Guidelines May Change for  MMW 2019



The Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival and Competition

is the only event in the United States that brings together the best whistlers in the world to compete for the title of world champion whistler. Former champions compete against undiscovered talent in two adjudicated concerts featuring popular, and classical compositions. There is also a self-accompaniment category as well as the only live band accompaniment competition division in the world.



The Pasadena Convention Center 

This iconic location is in the heart of the Hollywood, California Arts District at the crossroads of some of Los Angeles' most famous communities. At Barnsdall Art Park you can take in the view of the HOLLYWOOD sign, visit  the Barnsdall Art Gallery and enjoy Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House. There is much to do between shows at the MMW.


The MMW features four divisions presented in two Competition Concerts:

Pre-Recorded Accompaniment, Classical

Pre-Recorded Accompaniment, Popular

Live Band Accompaniment, Popular

Self-Accompaniment, Classical or Popular



Submit: All submissions and communications should be sent to

Fees: $100 for 1st division and $75 for each additional division. Payment is due with registration.

Late Fee: Submissions after August 10, 2017 will incur a $100 late fee due with registration.

Awards: Will be presented to the top winners in each division and to top all-around scoring contestant. Contestants must compete in a minimum of two divisions to qualify for the highest award.

Divisions: Contestants may perform in two concerts.

                       Concert 1Pre-Recorded Division includes Popular and Classical categories.

                       Concert 2 - Live Band Division includes Popular music only and Self-Accompaniment/Hikifuki - can be a                                                  pop or classical song.

Mandatory rehearsal and orientation: for all contestants day before the event on Friday, September 8th

Dress: Professional, performance attire only. Semi-formal preferred. No casual wear during performances.




  • Whistlers will perform one song in each division entered. Please prepare a minimum of  2 songs per division in order to have a back up. We do not allow duplicate songs within each division, and you may be required to choose your alternate. (You will be notified in advance if this is the case.)

  • Each song may be 4.5 maximum minutes long.

  •  The MMW is dedicated to promoting whistling as a fine art instrument. While we respect all types of music, we ask that competitors choose music that reflect our intention. Chirping and bird sounds, while a talent in itself, may be acceptable only if used as minimal ornamentation.



  • Features Classic and/or Popular music selections chosen by the performer. 

  • Popular music is any music not distinguished as classical, i.e. country, blues, pop, jazz, etc.

  • When competing in both Popular and Classical Divisions, contestants will perform both songs consecutively, during their turn.

  • The top scoring contestants will be named “Masters Champion.” Awards will be given to highest scoring popular and classical performances, i.e. the best cumulative score in both divisions.

  • Contestants must provide .ai or .wav of backtracks in advance, by Aug 14th, 2017.

  • NO VOCALS or whistling allowed on backtracks (20% point reduction).

  • NO INSTRUMENTAL MELODY LINES on back track (25% point reduction). Ensure that your back track does not too closely mirror your whistling tones (i.e. flute music must not be playing the same melody as the whistler throughout the song). Judges need to be able to distinguish whistling from recording. Points will not be deducted for normal, moderate overlap.



  • The MMW is the first competition to award a world-champion title utilizing a live band accompaniment division.

  • Whistlers may perform any popular (non-classical) composition of their choosing.

  • Our professional piano, bass, and percussion musicians will accompany you during performance.

  • Requires rehearsal with band day before the event. You will be allotted approximately 5-10 minutes to rehearse with the band. If you have provided the correct reference music, the rehearsal process will be simple and swift.

  • Winner will be named “Master of Musical Whistling” and receive an award.


      Option 1: If you find a link to a video featuring your song in the exact style and key, send the link. 

      Option 2:  contestants rendition of the song is different from the video mentioned above, whistlers must submit a            video link of themselves whistling their song IN THE CORRECT KEY and STYLE so that our musical director can              become familiar with your song, style, and range.  It may be acapella or with background music (You may record            this on your phone or other simple device.) Due August 7th.

       (Example: Submit an original Frank Sinatra video of "Mac the Knife" and also a video of you whistling it in the key           you wish to perform it in.       

  • You may submit piano music or additional chord charts if you wish.

  • A professional band chart of your song will be created by our musical director and made available for purchase $75.



  • Please consult your local agency regarding visa requirements. Unfortunately, MMW cannot assist in visa and/or governmental logistics.

  • Some hotel and transport information will be provided before event. We do not have any block rooms on reserve. Hollywood, CA has quite a few hotels and motels for you to reserve. is an excellent resource to find a room or house to rent nearby.

  • We will provide limited space for you to sell your own CD's and swag. No cashier will be provided.

  • Your participation means you agree to be recorded and photographed. Content may be published for promotional reasons.

  • We plan to have video recording of the concert available for purchase after the event.

  • We will be sending at least one questionaire upon acceptance of your particpation.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable for any reason.




  • Technical Ability - Rhythmic and note accuracy, breath support, dynamics and shading, ability to perform the selection with the technique it requires. Is the tone pleasing and appropriate for the music at hand?

  • Musicality and Interpretation – Musicality, expressiveness, phrasing, dynamics, emotional import, communicative power. Appropriate use of legato, staccato, rubato, portamento, etc… Is the whistling style appropriate for the selection?

  • Stage Presence and Professionalism - Audience engagement, microphone technique, performance style, appearance, presentation, showmanship. Do you feel a connection to the performer? Does their energy and musicianship reach out and grab you?

  •  The top scoring contestants in each category will be rescored by the judges in order to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. be an 


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