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​Auditions Open

April 21 - May 20, 2023

$25 fee applies 

Multiple Competitive Divisions

Your audition(s) will determine which division(s) you are eligible to compete in.

 Awards will be given for the highest scores in each division and for highest cumulative Popular + Classical at Levels 2 & 3 

(Note: Only those competing in Level 3 Popular and Classical divisions are eligible to win "World Champion" title)

LEVEL 1 POPULAR: Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

LEVEL 2 POPULAR: Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

LEVEL 2 CLASSICAL: Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

LEVEL 3 POPULAR: Live Band Accompaniment (World Exclusive)

LEVEL 3 CLASSICAL: Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

SELF-ACCOMPANIMENT/HIKIFUKI: One whistler accompanying themselves with their instrument such as guitar, keyboard, etc. *Classical, Popular, or Original compositions - All levels

ALLIED ARTS: Whistling combined with another performing art or artist(s) such as singing, bands, dancing, duets etc. *Classical, Popular, or Original compositions - All levels


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