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 Audition Details

  • Audition open April 21 - May 20, 2023

  • $25 fee applies 

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*Updates to the following information coming soon

 MMW Features Five Competitive Divisions

 Featuring classical, popular, and original compositions

  1. LEVEL 3 POPULAR  - Live Band Accompaniment -  - Popular (World Exclusive Competition Division)

  2. LEVEL 3  CLASSICAL - Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

  3. LEVEL 2 POPULAR - Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

  4. LEVEL 2 CLASSICAL - Pre-Recorded Accompaniment -

  5. LEVEL 1 POPULAR - with Pre-Recorded Accompaniment 

  6. SELF-ACCOMPANIMENT (aka "Hikifuki") - Classical, Popular, or Originals (One whistler with guitar, keyboard, flute, etc.)

  7. ALLIED ARTS- Classical, Popular, or Original Compositions. (Whistling combined with another performing art or artist(s) - eg. singing, bands, dancing, duets etc.)

  1. Live Band Accompaniment - Popular  World Exclusive *(For Level 3 only) 

  2. Pre-Recorded AccompanimentClassical *(For Levels 2 & 3)

  3. Pre-Recorded Accompaniment - Popular *(For Levels 1,2,3)

  4. Self-Accompaniment (aka "Hikifuki") - Classical or Popular (e.g. whistling with guitar or keyboard, etc.) *(For all Levels)

  5. Allied Arts - Classical or Popular (Whistling combined with another performing art/artist - eg. singing, duets etc.) *(*For All Levels)

Three Levels of Competition

 Your audition(s) will determine which level of competition you qualify for. 

  • Those who qualify for LEVEL 3 are eligible to compete in ALL Divisions and MUST compete in Live Band and Pre-Recorded Classical Accompaniment Divisions. Only those competing in LEVEL 3 are eligible to win title of "World Champion" Whistler. 

  • Those who qualify for LEVEL 2 will be eligible to compete ONLY in Popular and Classical Pre-Recorded Accompaniment, as well as Self-Accompaniment, and/or Allied Arts Divisions. Contestants in this stage will compete with other LEVEL 2 whistlers for LEVEL 2 Popular Composition Division Winner and LEVEL 2 Classical Composition Division Winner titles

  • Those who qualify for LEVEL 1 will be able to compete ONLY in the Popular Pre-Recorded Division. This level has a limited number of spaces, and contestants will compete only against other LEVEL 1 contestants for the title of LEVEL 1 Popular Composition Division Winner.

.Audition Guidelines

  1. Pre-Competition Audition is Mandatory.
  2. Your audition is the first level of competition and determines the divisions and levels you qualify for. 
  3. A board of audition judges has been selected to adjudicate this first level of competition
  4. We are updating and improving our practices every year. Please be aware that competition stage time is limited and registration is growing. You may or may not qualify for the divisions you have qualified for in the past. Your audition video should be the best demonstration of your talents possible.
  5. You must submit one video link each for Popular (Pre-Recorded & Live Band), Classical Pre-Recorded, Allied Arts, and Self-Accompaniment.
    • Your Popular video will be your audition for both Pre-Recorded and Live Band divisions.
      • E.g. If you want to submit to all five divisions, you will submit only four video links.
    • "Popular" music is any music other than "Classical" - such as Country, Blues, Pop, Jazz, etc.

    • If you wish to audition for the Live Band Division, your popular video audition must be western music, as the band will only perform European/American popular compositions.

    • "Classical" compositions must consist of music written in the European tradition during a period lasting approximately from 1750-1850 when forms such as the symphony, concerto, and sonata were standardized.

  6. Video Submission Requirements for Popular [which includes Live Band and Pre-Recorded], and Classical Pre-Recorded:
    1. You must whistle live to one complete song. 
    2. You must whistle to a backing track. 
    3. The video must have been recorded within the last year.
    4. Acapella entries are unacceptable.
    5. Added sound effects / alterations are unacceptable.**
    • **The whistling on your audition video MAY NOT have any added effects, be professionally produced, or be created on an app that alters your whistling. If the whistling is not synced, there may be doubt as to the acceptability of your audition and you may be required to submit another.
  7. Please note that backing tracks for competition may not include vocals of any kind. For the audition, a minimal amount of vocals will be accepted.
    1. Karaoke tracks, Music Minus One, or custom backtracks work very well for audition and competition.
    2. Itunes and Amazon Music can be helpful. Search for "karaoke tracks" with "no vocals". 
  8.  Audition repertoire may be of your choosing. It is not necessary to audition with the music you are going to perform at the MMW.
  9. Only those accepted and competing in the Live Band division are eligible for the title of World Champion Whistler. 
  10. Video submissions must be easy-to-access video links only. YouTube, Vimeo, or other platforms are ideal. Do not email file.
  11. To enter you must complete and submit the online audition application. You will submit your video links, song name, and composer on this form.
  12. It is your responsibility to submit your complete and accurate audition application. You may be subject to service fees if you do do not comply with guidelines.
  13. You will be notified via email of your audition results 
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Should I Audition?

  • Do you whistle popular and/or classical music? 

    • Audition for our general divisions

    • (Note: both are required to qualify for the top awards)

  • Do also you play an instrument?

    • Audition for Self-Accompaniment (aka Hikifuki) division

  • Do you have a talent or friend(s) you want to combine with your whistling? 

    • Audition for the Allied Arts division 


Get prepared!

  1. Choose your song(s) and backtrack(s)

    1. Tracks with no vocals preferred

  2. Get ready to submit your video link(s)

    1. Video audition links via YouTube, Vimeo etc…

  3. Practice, practice, practice!

Important Additional Information 

(More info on COMPETE page)


  1. For competition fee's and information please check out our COMPETE page.

  2. If selected to compete, you will receive an acceptance email with a Registration Form and amount of total Registration Fees.

  3. You must submit Registration Form and payment by the due date in your acceptance email in order to reserve your space in the competition.

  4. You must be in attendance at the Mandatory Orientation on Friday morning, September 22,2023, in order to compete.

  5. Live Band Division contestants will also have a Mandatory Rehearsal with the band on Friday, September 22, 2023 in the afternoon. You will be given your rehearsal time at Orientation.

  6. If you are selected to compete it is your responsibility to thoroughly review the COMPETE page guidelines. There are many items, that if overlooked, can cost contestants up to 25% deduction in competition points.

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